Motion Graphics and Brand Identity

    Z-volved is an all-encompassing project that demanded all the skills I have been cultivating over the last couple years. The task was to create a brand that was based on an Olympic athlete competing in the 2012 summer games, using one of their current sponsors as the parent company. The athlete I chose is a fencer named Mariel Zagunis who is currently sponsored by Nike. After creating the brand 'Z-volved,' I then needed to created a 30 second advertisement in After Effects (AE) announcing the release of this new product line. Nearly everything I had learned about typography, brand-identity, and art-direction, were called into bat, along with endless hours delving into the minutia of AE, which proved to be a powerful and exciting program. The result is a dramatic, contemporary, and striking piece, richly layered with information and stunning graphics.

    Create a brand identity for an obscure athlete, and convey the sense of high technology behind this emerging responsive sports apparel product line while maintaining an inspirational air.

    Focused on the Z in Zagunis and the connection between fencing and the character Zorro. There is also a kind of science fiction implication with the letter Z, which spoke to the technological aspect of the product. State of the art video effects, and particle generators, paired with bold modern typography also set a technological tone, and the rythem based cuts in the video lend an air of intensity, conjuring a sense of curiousity in the viewer. The music is intense, and cutting-edge, but also dramatic, humanistic, and contextually appropriate.