Mobile App Prototype

    This project was to develop a mobile experience for frequent travelers, affording them the ability to order their in-flight meal while still at the terminal. The app is called 'Choice Menu' and was devloped with the help of John Aspinall. My role within the group was mainly focused on the overall visual language, as well as developing navigational elements. John and I worked closely in developing the information architecture, navigation cues, and the overarching ease of experience. It was an interesting challenge to work within this designer/developer team, making sure there was clear communication between us so that the interface elements not only looked appealing and consistent, but also functioned as intended.

    Work within a designer/developer team. Create a mobile experience that was both fresh, easy, and consistent with United's current branding.

    Lots of communication and iteration was the key to success on this one. We spent a lot of time making sure that this app would be thouroughly navigable with the use of only one hand, and an armful of luggage. Sign-in was simple but secure, big buttons made both reading and navigating fluid and intuitive, and an attendants friendly smile kept a touch of implied customer service on the users mind.