iPad App prototype and marketing

    Speech Tree for the iPad was the culmination of a project in which we were to brand, concept, and market an app for the iPad or other mobile device. This particular app is intended to be an instructional aid for kids with speech development problems, as well as a robust informational resource, progress tracking and record keeping system, as well as appointment book for Speech and Language Pathologists. Part of the challenge was creating an app that was half devoted to children's interaction, and half dedicated for use by a speech professional or parent, while maintaining a consistent look and feel across both. The app included the development of a cast of cartoon characters to command the attention of the students, a series of intuitive language activities, and a seamless backend records database. Unity between the two disparate aspects was achieved through the use of warm friendly textures throughout, and a consistent visual language.

    Tie together the friendly fun students side, with the data driven backend professional's section.

    The desk interface was something both student and instructor could relate with, and provided a perfect neutral backdrop that kept navigation throughout the multifaceted app consistent.