DOUBLE LP (design/art-direction)

    Organized Illusions is a double LP based on a live performance of contemporary composer Philip Glass's extensive collection of cinematic compositions. This 5 week project consisted of directing a photo-shoot and using the resulting images in a dramatic design layout intended to reflect the paradoxically immense, intense yet simple aesthetic of Glass's scores. I worked with photographer Racheal Raymond, in creating this dramatic composition, which features St. Marks magnificent pipe organ.

    Art direct a photoshoot to produce images that correspond with a design layout and concept.

    Taking into consideration the large scale of the instrument, and working with the concept 'Dynamic Repetition' I knew the photos would need to reflect the epic moody nature of both the organ and the compositions themselves. The repetitive, fractilian structure of the pipe organ was the perfect visual accompanyment to the trance enducing swells of Glass's tunes.