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Omnivore & Retrofit

    I created these front pages in an effort to become more familiar with HTML5 and CSS3, basic web layout, and design principles for the online experience. Retrofit is designed to function as an informational page for a brick and mortar furniture store that specializes in custom made modern furniture. Omnivore is a web blog, as well as an e-commerce site and recipe database. It makes full use of javascript elements working concurrently including a slide show, a static side-nav with drop-downs, as well as drop-down nav. bar. There is also space for an embedded video, and a featured chef.

    Become familiar with web-coding while adhering to basic design principles, and remaining consistent with the brands unique identities.

    Identifying the audience was essential and researching the brands current aesthetics further informed the design direction. User testing, and thoughtful organization of informationThe coding adhered tightly to current web standards and was viewable and consistent from IE6 to google chrome.