Package Design

    Leaf and Limb food handling company needed new packaging for their line of organic fruit preserves. The new packaging reflects a tone of high quality, natural, whole foods. The delicate logo speaks to the company's rich heritage, and the surrounding elements suggest a fun and modern product. The William Tell splatter effect of the fruits is light hearted but limited by the fact that some fruits are just too small to shoot.

    The goal of this project was to create a packaging solution that suggested a healthy, organic, high-quality product that retained a fun lightheartedness. It was also of great importance that a system for quick, accurate identification of flavors be created.

    The logo features a flowing calligraphic swash cap paired with an oldstyle typeface to suggest a vintage and wholesome product. The remainder of the typograhy on the package was set in a bold modern face. The correlation of the two typefaces creates a pleasant feeling of fresh, healthy food, that has heritage but observes the best modern food handling practices. Careful selection and research of color reveals an effective system for quick, accurate identification of flavors.