Electronic Publishing

    High Fashion is a prototype for an electronically published magazine, for use on an iPad or other E-reader. I worked with John Aspinall and Dax Anderson to created a intuitive user experience and navigation interface for this alternative culture fashion magazine. John expertly implemented the functionality of the publication while Dax and I coordinated an aesthetic direction and independently developed articles based on these design guidelines. The images above are my contribution to the project.

    Work within a team to develop an intuitve UX that translates to the user the experience of a magazine. Direct the aesthetic tone of the piece so multiple designers can develop layouts.

    User testing, and audience identification informed much of the UX, and we augmented the expected interaction with some surprising but intuitive elements, hoping to create a more 'cutting-edge' experience. We wanted to create something beyond the experience of a print magazine. Clear guidelines for art direction and design elements were implemented to allow designer to create consistent layouts independently. Open communication and discussion eased this process.