Monthly Planner

    Fractals are a personal interest of mine. They are sort of a visual representation of the composition of our universe. An infographic for deciphering the very fabric of our existence, and pretty damn neat to look at. They embody the field of design for me in some ways, they are geometric forms that require complex equations to create, but on their surface, they make visual sense, at once complex and simple, and to me that is what good design is. Something that is simple that reveals complexity with further examination, and that someone spent a good deal of time on behind the scenes (that very few will ever know about) to give it that air of effortless interpretation.

    Create a planner featuring a niche interest as a theme.

    Information about the fractal forms, as well as the minds behind the forms, kept it interesting for those who already possessed an interest in fractals, as well as viewers new to the idea. Delicate precise lines, and bold sans serif type created an academic and scientific feel.