Magazine Redesign

    Cafe Racer Magazine was the product of a challenge to redesign an existing publication. This was one of the bigger projects that we tackled during the year, as we were charged with the task of revamping everything from the overall art direction, to specific layouts and design assets such as the vector art used on the cover. I was able to modernize the look and feel of the magazine, broadening the demographic while balancing the movement's nostalgic roots with its contemporary resurgence.

    Keep the nostalgic appeal of a culture based on vintage bikes, old school rockers, and DIY, while bringing the look and feel of the magazine up to date, in hopes of appealing to a wider audience.

    Take cues from the bikes themselves, letting them infuence the typography, and designing each feature to refelect the look of the bike. Attention to keeping each feature unique instantly creates the handcrafted, one-of-a-kind appeal that drives the culture. Modern renditions of 60's and 70's design elements makes for a contemporary experience while still making a nod to the movements nostalgic beginnings.